Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Grow Up

Well, I worked the 1/2 day plus some. I picked up the kid from school. Dishes and laundry are done. Dinner is in the works as I type. I didn't get the shopping done, but I will tomorrow.

Today was a crappy day. I don't want to complain, but some people really irk me. I mean, I know I may do the same to others, that's why I don't like to complain. I just have to come to the realization I am an ever changing person. Some people are not. They stay the same no matter what. They can't go with the flow of things and small things make them mad, causing them to throw mini tantrums. Sometimes I want to shout, "Grow up people!" You only get one life!

Okay, enough with the ranting. I am off to finish dinner. We are having smoked kielbasa sausage and wild rice. Easy and simple. Catch you later.



hmmmmmmmmmm...very very interesting!! I hope tomorrow is better, and boy oh boy do I know what you mean!! Channeling you!! Feel better soon!
Oh, kielbasa-YUM! Want a great recipe? Take kielbasa and wrap it with bacon and stick a toothpick through it. put it in a glass 13X9 inch dish and dump about a box of dark brown sugar all over the pieces. bake for 35-40 mins at 350 or until sugar is completely browned. serve immediately and it is just YUMMI!!


Me said...

Man, I understand that rant to a T!!!! It's like you wonder, how do these people really survive.

Portia said...

Easy and simple yet still sounds so yummy. Rant away, blogs are great for that. People irk me all the time:)

austere said...

Going to google "wild rice"

Cheryl said...

Gotta agree with you about some people, just be glad you're not one of them. Imagine being constantly miserable? Not.

Happy day to you!

bonnie said...

I like your new look. I went with black because photos really show up well, but yours look great on the blue. My type is really light gray, but I'm going to darken it. thanks for the feedback. I want to encourage reading, not discourage it! Happy Day, girl!

simonsays said...

yes, i understand, and you have every right to rant. Anytime you work in the public. And i guess i don't really know that you are referring to people at work or people that you have to wait on at work, but either way...correctumundo.

Damn, I want to eat at your house every night. K?

David Kim said...

Rants are fun to read, especially when they're about other people and not me. The more detailed the better!