Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good Morning!

Good morning. I am only posting very quickly to let you know I was able to get some photos up. They aren't very good, but I am taking my camera today, so hopefully I can get some more pictures.

The roads are starting to slowly clear. The trucks took their sweet time getting out this morning. Parts of 54 are still snow packed. Josh said he could only go about 35 in a 60 this morning.

I can't begin to imagine how busy the stores are going to be. Holy cow. I might have to take pictures of that just to show you.

Hope you all have a great day!


simonsays said...

You try and have a really good day must be hard with the job you have. Recently, when I have been out shopping, I have been blessed with the MOST kind, sweet, helpful people that work at the stores. That is usually so not the case.

If i don't get back here before, have a perfect Christmas. You certainly deserve it, kiddo! :)

Andrew said...

Now, that is some serious snow. I almost didn't believe you when you said it was up to your knees and now I do. We can only dream here in Alabama. Merry Christmas Abbagirl!

Dave said...

The snow has come back to haunt us again once more... I think I know what you are dealing with... Have a safe one! :-)

David Kim said...

Be careful driving in the snow! I can't even walk in that stuff!