Sunday, December 23, 2007

Baking, Wrapping, and Packing

Work was treacherous. But it's not as bad as it's going to be tomorrow. Ugh. Thank goodness I am only working until noon.

The praline pound cake I made will be ready to wrap in another hour. The double fudge chocolate brownies just came out of the oven. I am now waiting on the chocolate chip cookies to bake. I have about six dozen to do.

The gifts are all in the rec room waiting to be wrapped. Thank goodness I only have to wrap half of them. The other half are for Josh's family, who will be coming over the Saturday after Christmas. Those can wait a couple more days.

I still need to make two shrimp trays, get all of the food together for the Christmas dinner at my parents' house, load the car with gifts, roaster, and overnight bags. I am leaving a lot out. I won't bore you to death, plus I have to keep an eye on those chocolaty morsels in the oven. I'll catch you all tomorrow before I leave. Night.


marykay said...

You are such a busy girl, Makes me feel lazy. I am going to try and bake tomorrow morning but...I love the snow pics, so pretty. I bet your house smells amazing.

Me said...

Busy, busy. I am making pumpkin pies at the moment. The house will start to smell heavenly in a few minutes. I love baking and cooking for the holidays, knowing that everyone will like what I make.

Have a great Christmas!

Sally said...

Wow, I feel a little lazy, too, reading your post. I got out the gifts to take to the ILs today, and there are only 5 (we draw names). I got really lucky on the wrapping this year!

Have a good trip, and a great Christmas!

austere said...

Felt dizzy just reading your list.

David Kim said...

Sounds exciting!