Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wonderful Day

It's been a wonderful day so far.  Two years ago, my ex and I broke up.  It was a really bad time and I felt so guilty for wanting to call it quits.  I will save that story for a rainy day.  Anyway, today I decided I would spend the day paying it forward (PIF) to as many people as I could.

I started off at Starbucks this morning and paid for the car behind me.  This is my quick go-to PIF and I try to do this once a week.  I once paid for someone's order amounting to $32!  Lol....  Bet they were surprised!

After Starbucks, I met a co-worker for breakfast.  I have mentioned K before and today I met up with her and her two kids at Village Inn.  She is having twin girls and she could pop any day now!  While at Village Inn, we got to see my favorite waitress.  She takes really good care of us and always gives me a coffee to go.  I made sure to leave her a really big tip today - 50% of the bill.

We made our way to Target.  I asked K to get together a list of all the things she still needed for the twins.  The twins are girls btw.  Anyway, she had the list and we proceeded to get the items (I missed out on the baby shower due to the wedding).

We got another Fisher Price rocker, a baby tub, a bunch of newborn clothes, bottles, diapers, baby wash, a bumper for the crib (I bought her a crib a few months ago) and a few other items.  I spent a little over $300 there.  She started to cry at the register (pregnancy brings on those emotions!) and said she couldn't believe I got everything on her list.  She thought we were only going to grab a few things.  Lol....  I loved doing it for her and she is so sweet.  K is a good mama and her other two children are so well behaved and wonderful kids.  I know she needs help.  Unfortunately, she can't really depend on anyone on her side of the family.

Her boyfriend is amazing and so is his side of the family.  I think she is in good hands.

After PIF at Target, I had a hair appt to get to.  I gave my hairdresser an extra tip today for doing such a good job and taking great care of my locks for me.

I then headed to Carter's and found a huge sale on clearance baby clothes.  I purchased a few more things in premie size for the girls and grabbed a salad from Doc Greens.  Remember when I said I was going to eat my way thru their menu?  Today I got the Dr. Fiesta salad.  It's now my new favorite.  Lol...

Dr. Fiesta

Today has been an awesome day.  I could have spent it wallowing about and feeling bad about myself.  Instead, I used it to PIF to some special people in my day-to-day life.

Tonight I am cooking supper for the Kid and I.  He has requested my baked chicken and rice, with a side of roasted Brussels sprouts.  We won't eat until later, so using the oven won't be so bad.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!  I sure have.



Anonymous said...

It feels good doesn't it? I love playing 'santa" for needy kids.

Okay that salad looks incredible. I wish we had someplace like that around here.

Have an amazing day Billy, you deserve it.

austere said...

PIF... what a wonderful idea... and I remember that trip you completely paid for, for your friend too...

Good things coming your way, Billy.