Thursday, June 25, 2015


Ugh... this is why I don't like summer.  It's my least favorite season.  First favorite is autumn, but not until after the cooler temperatures start rolling in, usually mid-September to November is my favorite time.  This is followed by Spring, then Winter and last is Summer.

It's so flippin hot outside!  And it's the humid muggy kind of hot that you really only find in Kansas and Oklahoma.  I don't know how people did it back in the old days and I am sooooo glad I didn't have to live like that.  I will take my modern comforts of air conditioning on a day like today.  I feel bad for so many who don't have that luxury.  If any of my friends have no air conditioning on a day like today, they can stay with me!

I worked the early shift today, so it didn't get bad until about lunch time (12:30).  I didn't get much sleep last night due to heart burn.  But I feel better now and will probably get to bed early tonight since I have the early shift again tomorrow.

My official last day at my current store is July 4th.  Of course, I have to close, which totally sucks, but what can you do....

I am really looking forward to working much closer to home.  I can come home for lunch every day and get some stuff done around the house.  I can prep for dinner every single day and have it ready to cook by suppertime, much earlier than I do now.  Instead of eating so late, we can eat earlier.  This is sure to help the waistline!  I hate eating so late some days.  It's really bad for you.

I am having leftover chicken and rice now and will grab a shower and do a load of laundry.  I will do some reading tonight before bed.

I forgot to mention that my friend, K, is dilated to 5!  We may have twins in a couple of days!  Yay!

Hope you all had a great Thursday.

I leave you with this TBT picture I received from an employee about 4 years ago.

U Rock!

I love it!  I have passed it on to someone else who totally rocks.  :-)


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Sandra said...

Oh I hear ya on the humidity, I can't stand that muggy feeling. Texas is pretty bad too, but yeah, I am in Oklahoma a lot for family functions and the heat and humidity are killing me LOL I prefer AC. hahaha

Hope you have a wonderful Friday :)