Friday, June 12, 2015

Vacation - Day Five

Well, I guess I didn't realize how stressed out it can be doing a wedding.  Holy cow.  I also can't believe how much family my future sister-in-law has.  I think my SIL is having a small anxiety attack.  Too many questions for that poor girl.

I was in charge of the supper last night and lunch today.  Last night I got enough pizza, tacos and "extras" to feed a small army.  For lunch today, I got sandwich fixings, veggie trays, chips, cookies and condiments to feed the same small army for two days.  There are so many kids!

I am hiding out in my hotel room at the moment, awaiting instructions from the decorators or for my parents to arrive.  Whichever happens first is the way I am going.

It's been drizzling all day.  I am anxious about tomorrow.  I want it to get here already so everyone can stop stressing out.  Weddings can bring out the worst in people.

I will get some pics up later for you to see.  Hope you are all having a fantastic Friday!



Annabel said...

Yes, weddings are very stressful. I was smart the second time around and put other people in charge of things. It made a huge difference.

Happyone said...

That's for sure - weddings can be very stressful. That's why I had a small wedding many years ago. : )

Anonymous said...

The invasion of Normandy was probably easier to plan than my wedding.
Billy, you know my story. Only half the family attended, in hindsight
maybe that was a good thing.
Looking forward to the pictures try to get some rest, ha yeah that isn't going to happen.