Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vacation - Day Three

Good day!

The shower is fixed.  Yay!  The maintenance man came by this morning and fixed a leaky part in the wall.  I also got a new spray nozzle for the kitchen sink.  I love where I live.  They are speedy when it comes to maintenance and you don't have to pay extra for parts and whatnot.

The nephews are playing a video game downstairs and anxiously waiting for my kid to get home.  He is going to take them swimming.  The pool is right across the parking lot.  My townhouse is the closest to the leasing office, so it's super close.  It is within throwing distance!  The nice thing about it is my townhouse is brick, so I hardly hear any noises from the pool.  Sweet!

I got my shopping done.  The only things left on my list is to vacuum and prune Henry.  Supper will be easy. We are having leftovers from lunch at Old Chicago!

I think I might go by Bed, Bath and Beyond this evening when I take the local nephew home.  I would like to get a new shower curtain.  I am tired of the one I have.  Maybe something in blue?

Anyway, it's a scorcher out there.  The boys will need extra sunscreen this afternoon.  Hell, I may even take a nap!


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