Saturday, June 20, 2015

In the Heat of Summer

Looks like we hit over 100 degrees.  You know it's hot when the store starts to feel warm on the inside.  It's usually pretty cool in the store, but I was sweating while working on the sales floor.  I took a cool shower as soon as I got home tonight.

I work tomorrow and then I am heading south to see Stephen.  I am looking forward to going down and spending time with him.

Well, it's a short post tonight because I want to read blogs before bed.



Happyone said...

That sure does sound hot. It rarely gets out of the 80's here where I live.

Billy said...

Oh how I would LOVE that! How cold do your winters get? Do you get lots of snow? We will be in scorching temps until late August here.

Ken Bordie said...

100 degrees is a little warm for me too. Here in Westmount we average mid to high 70's and in the winter about 85 inches of snow. I could do with less snow and a shorter winter.

Happyone said...

Our winters here are pretty cold and yes we get lots of snow. Last year we got to 14 below zero but it is not that cold often. Usually in the low teens at night and up to 20 during the day. We like snow and its beautiful here during the winter. : )