Thursday, June 04, 2015

A Day Off!

I am so happy I am off tomorrow!  That means I only have to work Saturday and Sunday and then it's vacation.  I love that I get 6 weeks off every year.  That is one of the perks of my job.  Of course, I had to work 20 years for the company to get it, but at least I have it.

I am in OKC this evening.  I haven't been here in a few weeks and I was really missing Stephen.  I will head back Saturday morning.

When I arrived, I found a fur ball in the bedroom.  Gross.  That's a downside to having Gabby.  She coughs up fur balls because Stephen doesn't brush her enough.  One good thing is that she doesn't shed cat hair around the house very much.  I would have a fit if she did.  I can't stand having animal hair on me or my clothes.

Anyway, work was crazy busy.  We had a couple of visitors (district suits) come in today.  I didn't really walk with either of them.  We were just too damn busy!  Business picked up today, so most of it was a blur.  It's one thing after the other.  I don't even know where all of the time goes.

Well, I want to read some blogs and watch a little more of the Gilmore Girls before Stephen gets home from work.  Hope you all had a good day.



Ken Bordie said...

Busy store means job security.
Are you rubbing it in? 6 weeks? I'd be happy
right now with 6 days :p
Our cat "Otis" doesn't shed much. He's
just an old grateful rescue.

Enjoy your time Billy. 20 years! You deserve it.

Happyone said...

Nice that you get 6 weeks but like you said you worked for it. : )
Enjoy your time off.

Billy said...

Thanks Ken!

Billy said...

Thanks Karen! I will!

4thavenueblueslies said...

Blog about Andrew's lies and restricting comments

Billy said...

Lol... Now this I will read!!! Don't you just love "freedom of speech"?

Ken Bordie said...

Count me in! Apparently "Andrew" is posting my email address and blaming me.
Easier than admitting he was wrong I guess. Not worried in the least as I
was not in the wrong. Can you guess who's stirring up the pot over at
4th ave BS?