Wednesday, June 03, 2015

1st of the Month

Man... if you have ever worked retail grocery, then you know how crazy it can be during the first week of the month.  Everyone comes in to do their shopping.  Lots of people at my store are on government assistance and they get their money at the first of the month.  We also have some shoppers who work aircraft and they also get paid at the first of the month, some bi-weekly.  Regardless, our store is jam-packed busy and it gets a little hectic.

Retail grocery has its ups and downs.  The upside is seeing all of the different kinds of customers who shop.  I love to people watch and we have some funny characters that come in every week.  For instance, there is a guy named Timothy who is an alcoholic and on several medications.  He's a character.  He will come in several times a day, each time his state of consciousness is altered further.  It's come to the point where our security guard has to follow him around so he won't bother other customers or employees.  He has sandy brown hair, is gaunt and bony.  His voice is sassy and if he could snap his fingers when he talked, he would.  I walk the opposite way when I see him coming.  Timothy will stand and talk to you all day if you would let him.  But we can't, there is work to be done!   Especially at the first of the month!  :-)

Costco opened today in Wichita.  I am so thankful I don't live anywhere near the intersection of Kellogg and Webb.  I feel sorry for anyone who travels thru that intersection.  Now with Costco opening, it's only going to get worse.  Screw that. I will stick to the west side of town.  Traffic is so much better and we have almost everything the East side has, some things are even better.

I am having a vegetarian dinner tonight.  Brussels sprouts are roasting in the oven and I am going to make a nice hearty salad.  I will probably get to bed early this evening.  I can't wait for vacation.  I start Monday and don't have to go back to work until the 23rd.  Sweet!

Hope you had a Happy Hump Day!



Happyone said...

I'll remember not to go shopping at the beginning of the month. : )

Anonymous said...

I like shopping late at night when the stores are empty.
We have Costco here in CA but I've never been. Buying in bulk for
2 has no appeal to me, plus the storage issues. Hum
where to put that 84 pack of TP? :-)
Enjoy your vacation Billy. I am officially jealous.