Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Vacation - Day Two

This day is almost at an end.  Talk about busy!  Whew!  Here is what the day looked like...

I got up around 7:30 (no sleeping in again) and got myself together. My boss texted me and asked if I could run the meeting today at the store.  I was going to be up there anyway and told her I would.  I also got the chance to tell the team I was transferring to a bigger store.  They were all sad.  I almost cried.  I don't have a start date yet, but I am looking forward to this opportunity.

After my time at the store, I ran to the Asian market to pick up some stuff for my mom: tea, peppers, fish.  I had to make two different stops at two different Asian markets.  Those places can be an adventure.  The one I usually go to is a Vietnamese store.  The workers and owners there are super rude.  I won't be going there anymore unless it's a last resort.  The second stop was better, except the store was unorganized.  Oh well.

Once I got all of my items, I headed to the airport to pick up my Aunt Sookhi.  The Wichita airport has been newly remodeled and I was in and out in less than 30 minutes.  That means I didn't have to pay for the parking garage!  One of the perks of living in a smaller city, I guess.

I drove my aunt to Great Bend, where my parents live.  My mom called about 3 times during the 2 hour trip to see how close we were.  She cooked a bunch of Korean food and was anxiously awaiting our arrival.   We arrived home and were promptly moved to the back living room to eat lunch.  It was delicious!

My sister came by and dropped off my nephew, aka The Yak.  He is staying with me until the wedding.  He has been bouncing off the walls since he got here.  I have managed to make sure he got in a good bath and had a good supper of Arby's roast beef sandwiches.  Lol.... He got to pick tonight.

Now I am finishing up another load of laundry.  It must sound like I do a lot of laundry.  I actually probably do.  I do at least one load a day.  If I let it go a couple of days, which I did all last week, it builds up.  Besides, I went shopping yesterday and needed to rearrange my closet.  All of my fall/winter clothes are in the guest bedroom closet and my spring/summer clothes are in my room.  I bought several new summer blouses to add to my wardrobe.

Tomorrow's agenda for vacation is as follows:
  • Maintenance man will be by around 9 am to fix the shower (no water pressure)
  • Grocery shopping around 10 am
  • Pick up my other nephew around 11 and take the boys to lunch
  • Come back to my house and let the boys play, go swimming, etc.
  • Clean my kitchen
  • Vacuum the upstairs rooms
  • Prune Henry (my plant)
  • Take the local nephew back home
  • Cook supper
  • Get packed to leave on Thursday
Whew!  It's going to be a busy day tomorrow.

Hope you all had a good day!



Anonymous said...

Reading about your "vacation" is making me tired.
You're going to need another week to rest up :p

Phew, I thought I was the only one who named plants.
Apparently I'm not crazy after all.

Question, is all Korean food hot? I went to a Korean restaurant once
and wow, it was good but, I left breathing fire.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are working hard on your vacation. I would just call this a change in routine, not a vacation.

Billy said...

No, not all Korean food is hot. There are many dishes that are not even spicy. Korean food can be prepared with different levels of spice. Unfortunately, most restaurants already have some of the food prepared in advance, so what you order is what you get.

Billy said...

I will get two days at the end of my vacation to relax and veg out. No worries!! I have another vacation coming up in a month.