Thursday, January 17, 2008

Work Drama

Today was a crazy, emotional day. Here is how it went.

- One of the marketing directors called to cancel at the last minute... again.
- This particular marketing director had two other individuals in my area to do my work... excuse was because I have so much going on and they were trying to do me a favor.
- Had a zone meeting today and had to tell my boss goodbye, and hello to a new boss.
- Sent the marketing director who can't make a decision to save their life an email to let them know how unhappy I was with their decision to have two other individuals do my work.
- I turned down an offer to go and work at the corporate office in Cinci today.



austere said...

You were supposed to move lock, stock and barrel? What about family, home? Across states, isn't this?
Silly people, management are.

Not nice, the two person thing.One pay backlog they owe you.

Meloncutter said...

Yall need to transfer to atlanta, zone J. straighten these dumbasses out. LOL.

Heck, just take over the atlanta division and straighten all the dumbasses out. Its blowed up down here.

Just hang in where you are at and it wont be long before you become a unit manager and then can really have some doors opened up for you.

In cinci, you would be just another beaurocrat paper pusher that is ruining things at the store level now. At least at the store and zone level you can help fix all the things that the division level dummies and the cinci level dummies are messing up.

You made the right choice.

Later Y'all.

simonsays said...

Goodness---drama is right!!

Sometimes I wonder what the hell folks are thinking...

Have a good weekend!


YIKES!! I hope you're doing better today!!