Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blogging Blues

Morning! Getting ready to head out to work. The kid made me breakfast this morning - toast. It was good.

Wanted to know if anyone else is having troubles staying up on posts? I find it hard sometimes to post, and I have been putting the blog on the back burner. I have so much going on right now, as I am sure all of you do. I have thought about putting the blog on a schedule, but that won't work. I use this as my journal. I used to write faithfully almost every day in my journal, and some crazy shit too. This blog has kind of simplified my words and thoughts.

Well, I was just wondering if any of you find it hard to blog right now. Perhaps the weather plays a big part in that. Gotta go. Have a great Sunday!


notfainthearted said...

i think there's something in the air. Also, it seems like the people that are blogging are taking up big changes in their lives. Lots of turmoil and getting prepped for new growth. And those that don't have that going on have little to say. So, maybe it's a good thing for you?

I have to be in Omaha the last week of April. I'm driving so have some flexibility around arrival and departure days/times. What do you think?

bonnie said...

Me tooooo. I'm not sure what the problem is. I feel so rushed. I WANT to post and read blogs. It's just hard to stay caught up. Ah well, we will do the best we can. I hope you are doing well.


It seems to be going around...our responsibilities outside of this fun enriching important time are taking first row for this reason and that..for some, because of saddness..for me,..road blocks and flu..

Happy sunday! Toast is a good thing...with peanut butter too!
Very cool that your kid was sweet to do that too!
I have said this before, but your word verifications are always soo cool: NoW?
i dunno, I like it!

Sue said...

Same here, I am finding it so hard to come up with the time and energy to blog... when I do actually get a post in I feel it's plain jane and lacking luster ;-)
I wonder if it will come back to me someday... or if I will shut 'er down?
Have a great week!

austere said...

There isn't much of drama happening, unless I write about the markets, so what do I write about?

that toast part was cute.

Using a feed on google reader sure helps.

Chelf said...

Maybe it IS Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) or something in the air. I have wondered why this blog thing isn't quite as fun as it used to be, and I have only been at it a year!

I think part of my issue is my FEAR that I am boring, and nobody out there really cares. I know people care, but do I? It is a time for reflection, and I don't like so much what I see. Gotta clean the mirror.

I love it that the kid thought to make you breakfast. Congratulations on raising a great kid.

simonsays said...

I have to agree. Many of us have big things happening in our lives, or big stress and turmoil...alot of negative out there right now. So if you are finding it difficult to find something to write about, I would consider myself lucky---it means that you are good - busy, and that all things are rolling along as they should be.

Have a good week.


simonsays said...

oh, and ps...I want toast, too!

That was so sweet of him!

captain corky said...

I've been slacking a bit too. I think it's just this time of year. I've noticed it all around.

David Kim said...

I've got the same problem trying to keep up with my blogging too. It's tough when you're so busy with work. And I don't like blogging about work just in case it comes back to haunt me later.

It's cool that your kid made you breakfast.

Cheryl said...

Yes, yes and yes. It's hard to keep up. Hard to find the time to write. I think it's just a slump. That's what I hope it is.

Portia said...

You may or may not know I have been on a break myself, so I know just what you mean. I love that your kid made you breakfast - what a sweetie!

Tory said...

Oh, I can sooo relate to you. My blog started out really amusing...but lately I've been a terrible blogger. Oh, and nobody told you when you blog, or rather, slow down on blogging, you feel guilt about your regular readers!!
Take care

Parlancheq said...

I hear ya. I hate when life interrupts my blogging but it’s been happening more and more. :)