Friday, January 11, 2008

The Cheese Dude Is Here

Thank You! You guys are totally a great pick me up!

Well, today I am off to meet with my marketing boss. We have a cheese dude coming in from the general office in Cinci and they are walking my big store today. This is the dude that sent me to training in NYC. I am anxious to see him again. We all had so much fun, and I will be hitting him up for some more training for my new store associates.

I look so funny. I am typing this while wearing my black sweater, black socks, undies (waiting for my pants to get ironed), and a towel on my head. Hehehehe... I better go and get all of this hair done (it's really long).

Hope you all have a great day! Thanks again for the kind words.


bonnie said...

What I'm wondering is WHO is ironing your pants?

STACY'S TRIP said...

Wow. You ahve been having quite a week. I guess I'm not the only one with alot on their plate. (pun intended)

simonsays said...

The cheese dude! YEA!

David Kim said...

That's the cheesiest! Cheese is good.