Monday, January 14, 2008

KC Masterpiece in Kansas City- YUCKO!!!!!

First and foremost, thank you for all of the kind words. I know I said my parents were getting up there in age, but I did not mean that in a bad way. My father commented that at his age, people you know start to have problems and some start to pass away. It's scary, that's all.

Okay, so this weekend was so much fun. I know several of you are wondering what we did. Well, we left my parents' house around 9 and got to KC by noon. We found my brother's new apartment - very pretty. Well, I guess I shouldn't call a guy's apartment pretty, but it was. We got a quick tour and then we were on our way to City Market. I love this place. Now, some of you from KC may have a different opinion, but for small-towners like my mom, brother, and his girlfriend, well, they absolutely loved it! I vowed to come back for sure during spring and summer. I wish we had something like that in Wichita. I would be there every day picking up fresh produce for the evening meal. I just love open markets.

After our adventure at City Market, we ate at Minsky's. Yumm-O! Great pizza! Soon, our stomachs were full. We then drove to Harrah's so we could check in. Our hotel room was free, thanks to my mother's diamond+ membership. Our room was gorgeous. Very clean. I love bathtubs that can fit two people! There was a shower next to the tub and a separate door for the toilet. It was quite nice. Well, not shabby for being free anyway!

We went to Nebraska Furniture after that.... yes, we were driving all over Kansas and Missouri! We got my brother and his girlfriend two artificial trees for their apartment (9+ft. ceilings). We argued about who was paying, as my mom and I both wanted to buy one each. My brother has a hard time with letting us pay, but he eventually gave in.

Later, we went to Dave and Busters, played around, and headed off to a restaurant. The lines were going to be long, so we settled for IHOP on SMP. It was decent. The kid went with my brother and decided to stay the night there. They went and played racquetball for at least an hour. The kid was tuckered out and went directly to bed at 11.

Mom and I went back to the hotel and gambled. I could only last until 10, but mom lasted until 3 am. I won $25 on the penny slots, only using a $5. My mom ended up coming $90 ahead. Not bad.

The next morning we got gas and headed back to the Kansas side. We took everyone to KC Masterpiece for lunch. My brother really likes Famous Daves, but wanted to try some new places. Here is where it gets bad. If you are a finicky eater, don't read anymore of this post...

First, our waitress was a complete ditz, sharing way too much info with us. When our food finally arrived, it looked good. Then my kid took a bite of one of his fries and noticed a hair on his plate. Gulkkkk. Throw up in my mouth. I motioned for the waitress to come over and we showed her. No one at our table had hair like that, so it wasn't us. As she took the food away, I asked her to make sure they remade everything. She brought the plate back awfully fast. As my son was halfway done, he found the french fry he bit into earlier. He quit eating.

I wish I could say that was the only bad part of the meal. lol... sorry, not so. I asked for a side of ranch to dip my fries in. Halfway through my meal, I saw a hair in my ranch dressing. My stomach started to do flip flops. I kept this to myself for about a minute, then told my family. We promptly stopped eating, asked for our ticket, paid for a meal that was full price and left.

Now, most of you who know me would ask, "Why on earth didn't you notify a manager?"

Well, I almost did. But I figured the title of my post would draw many readers who wanted to know about KC Masterpiece in Kansas City. This post will be sure to make them reconsider before eating there, causing more damage than shaking my finger in their face. I will get them where it hurts most - their wallets.

So for all of you who googled KC Masterpiece and have a chance to read this post, DON'T EAT THERE. Unless you like hairy BBQ.


Sally said...

I CAN NOT believe they didn't comp everyone's meal with the first hair. I would have had a conniption!

Have you ever eaten at Fiorella's Jack Stack in KC? That's our favorite place to go. In fact, I always have to get take out and bring it home whenever I go to KC by myself.

Andrew said...

Okay, I threw up a little bit in my mouth. It reminds me of Dumpster Diving Dan eating the food from the dumpster behind the shopping center. I know he was always your favorite. Dan just disappered months ago. I miss him.

not said...

That is just too gross!!

I hope you're right. My restaurant reviews are the top read posts consistently. And I've only written three!!

austere said...

I hope a lot of people read this.



but you're right..they got theirs by the post you just had.

Glad you're feeling more like yourself, and not all, well, "hairy." :)
Okay, I'm off to finally get to your meme!

Dave said...

From past experiences, I never send my food back because you never know what the vindicitve cook could do to it in response to your complaint. I would have just left it and never returned. I wouldn't have paid for it though. Thanks for the heads up as I will stay away from this establishment chain!

Portia said...

Nasty, nasty! You handled it well by bringing it up and giving them a chance to make it right, and ultimately having a sense of humor about it. Aside from the hairy BBQ it sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad you got to spend so much time with your family.

STACY'S TRIP said...

Oh My Goodness. Since you know I live in KC I will not being going to this place. And it funny because since we are new here we are always trying new places. They just got taken OFF THE LIST.

Chelf said...

Oh, no. I would not have paid for The Kid's meal or my own, since they each had a hair in them. I certainly wouldn't have been able to eat any more finding the original offending fry.

I would have left a penny as a tip, too. Tied up in a bow made of one of MY hairs.

Probably a good thing I wasn't there. Ugh.