Monday, January 21, 2008


It's a 50-inch Sony SXRD Projection TV. Isn't it pretty?
I got it yesterday before I left for my parents' house.
I love HD! The picture is freaking phenomenal!
No worries. If we ever break up, it's going with me.


marykay said...

Very Nice! And yes, it should stay with its Mother. he he!
Have a great week and enjoy the TV!

austere said...

" its a SONY" as the ad goes..surround sound and all, and did you get free movies?

bonnie said...

Wow, that IS an awesome gift. And HUGE. We just got a 42 inch HD t.v. and it fills the wall. 50 was too big for our room! You are gonna love it!


I love HD!! The picture is something I'll never leave after having it, has been a beautiful thing!
Enjoy it!
You're right, we ARE so much alike!

captain corky said...


Not Fainthearted said...

50 inch!!! That's HUGE!!! I love my new HDTV but my boys are little disappointed I only went with the 26 (or was it 29) inch.

I keep reminding them they're lucky to have a TV at all.....

Anyway, Congratulations!!

Dave said...

You are right... that IS freakin' nice! Gotta get me one of those! I have no doubt that you willhve hours of enjoyment with that new system! :-)

David Kim said...

Sweetness! I'm drooling over your tv. I need a new HDTV for the Xbox 360 I got.

Cheryl said...

Congrats! I'm sure this will be the year for me. It's a big decision. Size, format, price, etc.. One day we'll all be HD and the old sets will be a memory. Like black and white. I vaguely remember that.

mrsnesbitt said...

WOW! Ours is only 37" LOL!

You asked about ABC Wednesday over on Bonnie's blog...check out my blog and see how you can join in. It is great fun.
This week was A next week will be B.
Simple.....that's me! LOL!