Saturday, January 05, 2008

For Andfre

Here is what my screensaver looks like. Andfre has his up and wanted to know what mine was. What is yours?


Cheryl said...

My first thought was, who are these people. They must be Abba?

m said... cool.

I don't have a screensaver on my home computer...huh...well, i usually get on, do whatever, get off the computer. I don't leave it on long enough untouched that I would ever use the screensaver.

Portia said...

I like it! A meme that's short, sweet and to the point. Nice picture, too:)

simonsays said...

I haven't actually SEEN them in some time- and it took me a minute, but then, I really should have known!

I want to know how the "awkward" dinner went the other night - did the kids really hate each other, or was it tolerable?

Good Sunday to you!


HI ABBA! double ABBA!! :)
Great picture!
My screensaver is a picture of my 3 boys and Bigdogg.

Andfre said...

Hey Abbagirl,
Thank you! But.... it's supposed to be your background, complete with desktop icons and everything. Makes it more personal...
But I still am happy you did this!

Terri said...

haha; my daughter has the marquee screensaver that says "I love webkinz world!" that scrolls across the screen every few seconds.

austere said...

I have a LOVELY pic of the new NYT building from the ground up, all 57 floors of it, you get dizzy just thinking sometimes. :)