Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Mine, Not Yours

I really hate it when people judge your blog. I have been told my blog "falls short", is boring, lacks luster, blah, blah, blah. Who gives a rat's ass? It's mine, isn't it?

Anyway, I'll shut up talking about all of the haters out there - Whatever!

So, I had a short meeting with my direct boss today. It went well. Did I mention I work 60+ hours and have been a single parent most of my 12 year time with this company? Yep, and I am so proud of it! I received so much praise, I didn't know how to take it. Am I bragging? ABSOLUTELY! I was told I always go above and beyond. And I do. At least I try to.

It was a good day, despite the poo-poo heads of the blogging world. Get a life people and quit worrying about what everyone else is doing!


abbagirl74 said...

Before anyone starts asking questions, I don't mean everyone when I say 'Get a life people'.

Sunshine said...

Somebody actually told you your blog is boring?

It's like, "OK, then go read somewhere else, idiot!"

Some people aren't bright enough to find the little red X in the corner.

Keep writing, do it for you!

mosiacmind said...

Hello...I hope that the transition at work goes well. I hope that your day is full of peace and joy...

Terri said...

I haven't seen any bad comments, maybe I missed them? Phooey on them anyways. I say blog whatever you wanna blog about. We enjoy it. And congrats on the work kudos.


what a bunch of (May I please swear on your blog?) jagoffs to say that..I hate it when people tell us how to "manage our blog.." UNREAL!

Rest assured over here in Crustyland I love your words and it's not about length (Snicker) it's about what the words mean...not how long the story's about how it makes you feel when you put it out there..I wish Blogger had a button to block the melacka's that act up like that. (greek for Jag off but misspelled!)

Have a great friday!!
Oh Greys..WOW!! Phew! intense..what did you think?


Cheryl said...

Did I miss something? Did you ask someone for their opinion? Right. they're the loser. You just keep doing what you want, it's your thing.

I'm so glad to hear about your 'recognition' for the fantastic job you do!

Sally said...

Yeah, just forget about those losers...the important people enjoy your blog! =)

Congratulations on the work praise! It's obvious to me that you go above and work almost every day! Even when you say you have the day off, you're on a conference call or going in for a "half day" (by the way, 10 hours IS NOT a half day!). Have a great weekend!

Me said...

Hey, I like your blog. So, tell anyone else to buzz off. Like I say, I don't like someone's comments, I will delete them.

Everyone has enough negativity in their lives to have some stranger start in.

Great news about your job. You work hard and deserve every bit.

simonsays said...

HOW DID I MISS THIS POST? This really makes me mad. Yes, it's your blog, and who the hell said this to you anyway?

not said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this post sooner. As it is all I can do now is echo everyone above.

Unbelief at the gall of some people flinging negative criticism around when it wasn't invited (like who would, but whatever) and GOOD FOR YOU for realizing that people that do that are LOSERS.

This is something that always amazes me about people.

this is your space. use it (or not) as you need to and as you can. Period. End of story.

Somebody has a different idea they're welcome to get their own, right??

OK. moving right along to catch up with the rest!

Chelf said...

I am ducking. I don't want to be in the same area when the lightning comes from heaven to strike the idiot who told you that your thoughts are boring.

I don't think that. I like that you, with all your busyness, write something almost every day.

Keep up the writing, and let Mr./Ms. Boring find another blog to criticize! (They will not be disappointed.)

David Kim said...

I love your blog. And I commend you on being able to work long hours and being a single mom and being a great blogger. Doing all that takes talent and dedication.