Thursday, January 24, 2008

Middle of the Afternoon Post

It's a middle of the afternoon post. Don't usually do these, but here you go!

Work has steadily increased. We have a lot going on right now. New bosses, new stores, old responsibilities with a renewed focus. Yes, I have been a bit busy.

There are about thirty little blackbirds in my back yard. I am afraid to get up and take a picture for fear they will fly away. Cool, but scary. Kind of like that movie, Birds.

Hey, that really sucks about Heath Ledger. I really liked him. I haven't seen a whole lot of his movies, but I always thought he was talented. Very tragic.

Well, it's off to another store. Got to pick up my mail and do some following up. Then, it's off to pick the kid up. Talk at you all later.


Leann said...

Hey girl, hope the rest of your day flies by w/out incident. I took the dog for a walk today and there were the cutest little finches flying everywhere. Just don't have a good camera for the up close detail I want. Something to work on.

Tory said...

Would have loved to see the picture of the birds. BTW, The Birds are one of my favorite movies!!
Hope you have a great day.
Take care

austere said...

Middle of my afternoon about now.. this once this city is soo cold..we're just not used to this chill brrr.
But nice sunshine as well.

David Kim said...

It's really sad that Heath Ledger died. I saw him in Brokeback Mountain and I'm straight. I only saw it because of the Oscar nominations. What a tragedy that such a talent died so early.