Monday, January 14, 2008

Not feeling like myself today. The weekend went great, however, both of my parents are not feeling well. They're getting up there in age, therefore, it stresses me out. I am very worried about my mom and dad. They are only in their early 50's, but that doesn't stop the worry. If I don't post often, well, you know why.


marykay said...

I know how you feel. The worry does not stop, you just learn it is always there, always on your mind never to go away. I am glad you had a great weekend! Don't we live for those? Have a Great Week!

Sue said...

I completely understand.
My dad has recently had some health issues, not only has his health been a scary issue - they have the stress of no money coming in because he couldn't work either. (my dad is self employed)

Big hugs to you!

Chelf said...

Do you live close to your parents? My mom is 62, and is having toes removed (again!) this week. I don't live close, so I fidget from a distance. Worrying is always easier if you can "hover".

I am praying that your family feels better soon!

LM said...

I am a new reader but hope your folks are feeling better. It is so hard to watch your parents age and I don't think we are ever fully prepared to watch them age and experience health problems.

"getting up there in age" did make me chuckle. Everything is relative because when you are in your late 50's you look at someone in their late 70's as "getting up there in age." I imagine you are in your 30's.

STACY'S TRIP said...

Oh Honey its gonna be ok. I am 36 yrs old and I married a 52 yr old and I guarantee young 50 yr olds have lots of life left in them....let me tell you!

not said...

hope you didn't catch it from me!!

and I almost choked at the "my parents are getting up there...they're in the early 50's" crack.

OMG!!! LOL!!! sorry. I know you'll still worry, but I"m with Stacy.... 50 is the new 30...haven't you heard? ;-)

Hope you're all feeling better soon.

David Kim said...

I'm sorry to hear that your parents are not feeling well. I hope that their health will improve.


I can't even stand to think about losing my so scares me, even with children, siblings, and a husband..losing my mom, and dad..I can't even think about it without my heart reaching panic level in my throat.
I wish I knew how to help you..

You're being thought of!

austere said...

I hope they're better now? The worrying is completely understandable. You know why some of my posts are downers. :)