Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here's A Quickie

I am home for a quick lunch. We have some execs. on the east side today touring stores. Should be a quick, hardworking afternoon. Catch up with all of you later!


Cheryl said...

Here's a quickie back. Are your parent's OK? Early 50's doesn't sound so old to me.

The hair story was gross. Yuck.

I hope your insomnia was short-lived. At least you got something educational out of it!

Have a great Wednesday night!

Leann said...

Hey girl, hope you're home and relaxing after that quickie day!!

Meloncutter said...

Don't you just love it when the suits are walking the stores patting themselves on the back for all our hard work. I say when you see them come in the front door, give them a cart load of stuff to put out and tell them to get to work.

LOL. Couldn't you imagine the looks on their faces?

Later Y'all

austere said...

Hope the rest of the day was good.