Friday, October 12, 2007

Yeah! It's Friday!

What an absolutely gorgeous morning!!! I am so glad I am off today. I have so much to do. I have to get ready for the trip back to NYC on Tuesday. I am going to be gone for four days. The job is sending me to learn about merchandising. WooHoo!

I have to get all of the laundry done up until I leave. I will have plenty to do when I return. I need to drop off dry cleaning. Bathroom has already been detailed, so no worries there. I have got to detail the kitchen. I am making the kid do dishes, and I plan on doing everything else. Oh yeah, the kid has no school today, so we are working together. He needs to earn his allowance some how.

Grey's Anatomy last night left me feeling hungry for more. It's lacking this year without Washington (Dr. Burke). I loved his character. But, I am a true fan of the show, so I will stay tuned next week to see what happened.

Survivor was great. They got rid of Dave. Thank goodness. I wish someone would find that hidden immunity idol.

The Office! Oh how I absolutely love this show. I love the triangle between Pam, Jim, and Dwight. It's freaking hilarious!!! I am constantly laughing my ass off when it's on. It reminds me so much of my best friend and what he would do.

Hope everyone is off to a good start for the weekend. I am so happy Friday is here once again!



Funny, I was thinking the same thing last night while watching Greys..even if they eventually phase back IW back into greys..they need him..regardless of his actions on the set..forgiveness is necessary.
Here's my question for you: Do you think Grey set up her sister Lexie Intentionally during that one scene? to piss her off? Or do you think she's softening?
I didn't watch OFFICe-had the 3boys to deal with, but hopefully I'll catch up to it through my dvr this weekend.
HAve fun in NY..can I come with? I need some time away!
Be safe and enjoy your weekend!

marykay said...

yay friday! hopefully weekend will be better than week.So jealous would love to be leaving even for work have a great weekend! Gotta watch dvr missed greys.

simonsays said...

Oh, you are so right about the Office, I thought I would choke when Meridith flipped up her dress for Jim to sign her cast....and when the pizza boy was held hostage, omg....i cannot stop laughing, even now. Have a super time in New York!

WDKY said...

Now, you may not know this, but Isiah Washington's mother was the first African American in the US to be licenced as a barber...

True, honestly. And he's still in the show over here...