Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So much for a day off. Oh well, I don't have to stay for long. It's going to be a half day. I have decided to stay go over to the kid's dad's house to pass out candy. I probably won't be there for long, since I can barely stand him. This is perfect. I will only stay until I feel it necessary for me to get the heck out of there before he completely irritates me. I will have had my night of fun for about an hour.

Well, let me get out of here so I can get back early. I have to decide what treats to buy. Chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate.


The Diva's Thoughts said...

Try not to put him in a head lock tonight. LOL


yummi yummi chocolate..
and, you did the right thing in the interest of your guy, even though the ex isn't much of a treat..:)
Happy Halloween!
Are you going to dress up?

bonnie said...

I love the little tid bits of information that I glean from your posts, like KANSAS, or that there IS a dad. (I was wondering). Don't you feel great that I wonder about you!!! Happy Halloween.

David Kim said...

What made him become so irritating? I'm guessing that he wasn't that way when you first met him.

Portia said...

Chocolate sounds like the right choice to me:D Happy Halloween! I hope you and your kid enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah chocolate!

I have worked really hard to lose weight, so this year we bought no candy. In the years past we have never gotten trick-or-treaters anyways, but now I counting on Murphy's law. This year we will probably get knocks on the door and have nothing for them.


Cheryl said...

So was it better or worse than you thought? Did your son have fun and get lots of candy?

austere said...

lots of chocolates, lots and lots.

Hope it was all right. sort of.


Got Chocolate?? :)

EoNe said...

ooh chocolate favourite my shakes is chocolate flavour..and chocolate is god treat though..and I always "gift" my friends chocolate whenever come back from holiday !