Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Round #2 For Pictures

We went to a Yankees game Tuesday evening. They won against the Orioles.

During our tour of Greenwich Village on Tuesday afternoon, we had the pleasure of seeing the skinniest house ever. It was only 9 1/2 feet wide. It sold for around 2.5 million dollars. Insane.

This is Palma, the wonderful restaurant we saw on the tour. It is located in Greenwich Village. We came back here on Thursday for lunch. This is where I had that delicious vegetable panini sandwich with fingerling potatoes.

Here is the garden of the restaurant where we had lunch. The guy with the Yankees shirt on was our tour guide, Curt. He is the one who reminded me of Conan O'Brien.


marykay said...

Looks like fun!The house is too cool cannot imagine paying that for half a house though!

bonnie said...

Hey Abbagirl - You made me SO HAPPY coming to visit my blog. I had no idea that people make "friends" like on facebook (which my daughter has). Thank you so much for your warm welcome. Please visit me again. We sound a bit alike. I too am enthusiastic and sorta wild. I scream at sports events and would make a great cheerleader. P.S. are you HAPPY the Yankees won? I'm not! But they are the BEST team to watch.


ABBA's back, ABBA's back!! :)
Okay, pardon me, I'm off to catch up on all of you guys!! I feel like I'm missing out on a great party if I can't read all of you each day!!
I LOVED the pictures!

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~Vital~ said...

that house was featured on "This Old House". It's pretty neat on the inside, but still very small.