Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Off

Good morning. I haven't even packed yet. Everything is laid out on the bed until after I get dressed and groomed. Then it's all going into the suitcase. I would say I am a light packer. The shoes are what weighs me down. I am only taking five pairs, including running shoes. So, only four pair for work attire. You just never know which one you will want to wear until you put them on.

We have the whole four days planned out. Tuesday evening we are having dinner at Artisinal. Should be fun. On Wednesday, we are touring all of the local supermarkets. We will be dining at Patsy's. Then on Thursday, we are spending the day in Greenwich Village (my favorite place in NYC) and working in the local cheese shop there. Sometime on our trip, we will be going to see the Lion King on Broadway. We are cut loose from the group on Friday. I have until 2:30 to do whatever I want. WooHoo!

Oh! I am going to miss my kid so much. He's not happy about me going for a second time without him. I promised to bring lots of presents back for him. You know I will.

I plan on using the computer in the hotel a bit, so I will try checking in. Have a great week!!


not fainthearted said...

have a wonderful time AGAIN! and maybe say hi to Richie, huh?

EoNe said...

ohlala..so nice ...but don't forget the gifts for the kid cos you promised him already...in the meantime just relax..take it easy and enjoy the trip..ciao cin ciao

KYRIE said...

Goodbye! Goodbye, my friend!
Will miss you.

Proxima Blue said...

Five pairs of shoes? You change shoes like socks? I take one nice pair, usually black, for business and comfortable sneakers for running and walking about.

Have fun, be safe!


Have a fantastic trip! We'll miss you!
WOW! That's quite a bit of shoes!! Make sure you have someone carry your bag! :)

Portia said...

Sounds like a blast. I hope it all goes as planned & you have a great time!

David Kim said...

That sounds like too much fun! Have a good trip!

Cheryl said...

I'm really happy that you get to go to NY for work. What could be better? Your itinerary sounds wonderful. The only Broadway play I ever saw was Lion King. You won't believe how fantastic it is.


So do you think your guy will have any parties while you're gone? HAHAH!

Leann said...

Ohhhhh, is there room in that suitcase for me???

Have an absolutely wonderful time girl!!

What does Greenwich village look like?? I've always wondered.

captain corky said...

I hope you had a great time!

Andrew said...

MISSING YOU!!!! Hope you are home soon and can revel us in tales of New York! I've been checking in everyday hoping to read about your time.