Friday, October 26, 2007

Night Out

Well, instead of staying at home in front of the television last night, I went out with friends. First, a friend who recently moved to Cincinnati was in town. Several of us met at On the Border to have dinner. It was fun times. Then, three of us decided to go to a bar. I am not usually known to go out to a bar, but I figured what the hell, I already had missed Grey's Anatomy. Now, we didn't just go to any old bar. One of the guys I was with confided in me yesterday that he was gay. Uh, yeah. I knew he was when I first met him five years ago, but was just waiting for him to say something. He finally told me and his girl roommate. Anyway, he asked the both of us if we would go with him to a bar he hangs out in so we could see where he hangs out at. At first I was not comfortable with going, but I thought if I was going to be a supportive friend, what could hurt?

It wasn't bad at all. Most of the people were men that were my age. They were all professionals, mostly working downtown in one of the offices. And yes, there were some hot looking men in there. I didn't have loads of fun, but the conversation and the people were great. I wanted to be there for my friend, and now I have so much more trust in him. He was able to tell me, even though his own family doesn't even know. He said he felt relieved after telling us. That must be such a big secret to let out, having to keep it from those you love for most of your life.

So, I have all of my shows DVR'd from last night. Don't tell what happens!


austere said...

I guess it was quite some outing.
Going to totally unexpected places, off your track entirely.

bonnie said...

I'm glad you're out there livin a litte. I know we are a lot alike, but I think I might be a little crazier than you. On my vacation our friends took my husband and me to gay karyoki (sorry for the spelling) and to a transvestite bar. We had so much fun.

bonnie said...

Hey, thank you for all your little notes on my blog. I often respond to you there but I don't know if you see them and I am so encouraged by you. You help me to keep going.


Sounds like a good change of scenes last night! I'm glad that you have built more trust within your makes for a warm feel good moment..

I promise I won't tell you what happened last night on Grey's..
but my question to you is: Who's your favorite female character and male character on that shoe?
Happy friday!! :)

Leann said...

Sometimes the conversations and people can make any bad experience good, or a so/so experience better.

Portia said...

Sounds like it was a good evening! Enjoy catching up on your shows:)

David Kim said...

Even though I'm straight, heterosexual, married, I think gay people are really nice. They all seem really very friendly.

Andfre said...

That was cool of you to go. I have a couple gay friends but have never been to a gay bar myself.

captain corky said...

How many drinks did you have and what did you have? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)