Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Scrubbing Toilets! Anyone?

Good morning. It's my late night (till about 7:30), so I am getting ready to go in to work. Just wanted to check in with everyone. Looks like I have some cleaning up to do this week. I don't want it to get out of hand. Anyone want to help me scrub toilets and wipe down mirrors? It's the bathroom's turn to get cleaned today.


bonnie said...

Oh please, pick ME, pick ME. I sooooo want to scrub your toilets.

simonsays said...

Well, me? I just LOVE to scrub toilets. But proably not yours---no offense. I am really not into cleaning my own, too much. But I really, really DO appreciate the offer. Have a great Wednesday!

austere said...


David Kim said...


You scrub my toilet and I'll scrub yours.


I have a strong passion for cleaning toliets..sick, I know..I also love scrubbing floors..hands and knee's..and I'd be happy to clean yours!
Hope your work day wasn't too long!! :)