Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weekend Off!

Good morning. I have the weekend off. Can you believe it? I am spending time with the kid and one of his cousins. I am taking them to a outdoor/indoor sports complex. We will play mini golf, perhaps get on some go-carts, play some video games, and do the "boy" stuff my kid loves to do. After that, we will come back to the house where both kids will partake in a couple of hours of PS2 and then the kid and his cousin will head off to his dad's house for the rest of the weekend.
Josh and I will be going to Kansas City tonight. We won't be back until tomorrow, but I will be sure to update before we leave and then again when we return.

Have a great weekend everyone!


bonnie said...

This is sooo coool. I never knew people really lived in Kansas. I'm an east coast girl all the way, edginess included. When I fly over Kansas it looks like a bunch of big sqauares. Sometimes I'll see a little farm thing and wonder where those people buy their groceries. I love looking at your old photographs of the houses and the snow because it makes people real and alive in a place I never really knew existed. Do you drink whole milk?

bonnie said...

I CAN'T WAIT! This is so exciting!

David Kim said...

PS2?! You need to buy him a Playstation 3. "Come on, mommy!"


Glad you got to get away!! It sounds fun! I can't wait to hear about it!
and thank you for always visiting me!! You're very sweet!