Monday, October 01, 2007


Pretty sure brother is going to be okay. He is coming back on Thursday for further testing, but his doctor is sure it's probably nothing.

We are grilling tonight. Cheeseburgers, Nathan's hot dogs, and salmon for me. Yum-O! Some of my favorite shows come on tonight. Heroes and The Hills. Yes, I am one of those chics who likes the nonsense drama of Lauren and her friends. I can't help myself. I watch it to make me feel better about myself. Knowing I am not like most of those loser girls makes me oh so happy! I have a life, even if it isn't full of shopping and working four hours a day, or eating out at the most expensive restaurants in L.A. I live in REALITY.

So, I am signing off for now. Hope you had a great Monday.

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not fainthearted said...

glad to hear your bro is probably going to be OK