Saturday, October 06, 2007


I have updated the blogs to the right. And yes, I read every single one of them, every single day. Well, I am getting ready to leave for Kansas City. I have an overnight bag of clothes, my comfy shoes, Tony Gonzalez's jersey, and my camera (pictures for Bonnie).

I will catch up with all of you tomorrow evening. Till then!


Hyde said...

Wow. You do A LOT of reading! :)


simonsays said...

Have so much fun!

Sally said...

Girl, I hope you are cheering LOUD because we sure need it about now...not looking good!

Did you hear about poor Trent Green?? Carried off the field on a stretcher again...I hope he retires this time before he gets killed.

simonsays said...

I hope your weekend was good---Monday again, why don't they EVER take a break?

David Kim said...


Wow! You read all the blogs on your list every single day!? That's amazing!

Have fun in Kansas City.