Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To Go Or Not To Go, That Is The Question

Good morning. Here's to another productive day in the world of the single mom, working woman. Ugh... I do not want to get out there today.

I am taking the day off tomorrow. My kid has a concert tonight. I can't wait to get some pictures. Sorry, but I won't be posting any. I am not comfortable putting pictures of him on my blog. Personal preference, I guess.

Halloween can't come soon enough. I can't wait to see all of the kiddies' costumes! Perhaps I can photograph some of them. I can't decide if I want to go to a hockey game, or just pass out candy. Decisions!!!

Well, let me leave you now so I can go out and merchandise the masses in my stores. Fun.


Phelan said...

Let me know what you decide. We will be in the Riverside area.

Emily said...

i think you should go to the hockey game! hope you have fun no matter what you do. em.

Cheryl said...

I might dress up to give out candy. I love seeing the little ones. Have fun whatever you do.

KYRIE said...

How was the concert?
I say dress up, grab the candy, go to the hockey game, and pass out candy there while enjoying the game :)
Happy Halloween!!!

simonsays said...

I think they all sound like fun--no way you can be everywhere at once?

I loved concerts my kids were in, they were the greatest.

Enjoy your day off tomorrow. :)


Enjoy the concert..so cute no matter how old, right?
Crusty~ :)

David Kim said...

I love Halloween!