Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Subway It Is!

Looks like the subway is the obvious choice here. Now, my trip is still five months away, but you can never be too prepared. How does the subway system run? I guess I could Google it and find out. I am so thankful that some of my fellow blogging friends live in NYC and/or have visited. This will help take care of some of the anxiety I have. Thanks to all who commented. I really do appreciate it.


Hyde said...

You can take the B, D or 4 train to Yankee Stadium. I would take a taxi into Manhattan from the airport though unless you are really tight on money...


Rich | Championable said...

There are buses from the airport that go straight into midtown, too. Just an idea. If you need me to get specific options for specific places, just let me know. email me at rich at