Saturday, April 21, 2007

Great Food, Average Service

Well, the meal at Chesters was divine. Here is what we had. We started off with the Maryland "Jumbo Lump" Crab Cake. Yummy! It was all white crab and the texture was flaky chunks with a light watercress salad underneath it. We then ordered the Tomato and Mozzarella Salad, one of my favorites. My main entree was the 12 ounce New York Strip Steak prepared medium-rare with Lemony Bearnaise Sauce for dipping. The Kansas Angus steaks are prepared over a live oak fire. Josh ordered the 16 ounce steak. For the "big" sides we each ordered two. Josh got the Loaded baked potato and Baby Green Bean Saute. I ordered the Roast Corn and Wild Mushrooms and the Maple Sweet Potato Mash. These sides are big enough for about three people and come in their own dish. To compliment our meal, I had a bottomless glass of iced tea with lemon and Josh had Bud Light. Guys + Steak = Beer. Go figure.

The great thing about the menu is that everything is a la carte. The bad thing is that everything is a la carte. It was hard to decide what to get. You wanted one of everything. Very smart on this restaurant's part. If I were to rate this restaurant, I would give it 3 1/2 out of five stars. The food was good, but I didn't care for where we sat. We were seated in the bar area and the bartender was too "opinionated". He was discussing racial slurs with some of the bar customers and I just didn't care to hear how a white man can be called a cracker, but a Hispanic man can't be called a taco. Very unsettling. The bartender had some nerve.

Will I ever go back? Only if I am not paying. I love fine dining. But I refuse to pay for average service. If you are going to serve the best food, you should have the best service to go along with it. That's just my opinion, of course.


Rich | Championable said...

I would definitely have had a conversation with management about the bartender. That's totally unacceptable.

Glad the food was good, though!

Cheryl said...

I would have spoken to the manager unless it would have embarassed my companions. I know how you are about customer service. It's too bad the bartender didn't consider the other guests. Maryland crabcakes, yes, they are good. As I had a dinner of chicken nuggets, mozzarela sticks and a banana, I thought of you.

Not-faint-hearted said...

I third the "talk with the manager" sentiment.

And I totally agree. If the service is poor the best food will never make up for it.

At least the company was good?

Andfre said...

16 ouncer! Oh yup, I'm drooling.

Personally I might not have minded the bartender’s conversation generally if I was in a bar, but I think your son was with you? I'd think it inappropriate if mine or anyone’s child was hearing that when you're out to have a nice family dinner.

The meal sounds lovely. I too can enjoy fine dining (from time to time), but some good old stick to the ribs fare turns my crank anyday. Well, you've see my pictures, I've packed on a "few" extra pounds ;)

Andrew said...

I miss you. I hope you update tonight. I want to hear about my friend in Kansas. Dorothy? You there?