Monday, April 16, 2007

I am home for the day. I never like working third shift. Could never understand why WH always liked working that shift. I can't stand it. He worked that shift for almost 13 years. Now he is leaving the company. Sucks. Btw - WH is that "guy best friend" I talked about in earlier posts.

It's gorgeous out today. Just how a spring day should be. I am going to pick up the soil for my second 4x4 garden box I made. I never realized how much a box like that can hold. Lots.

The kid gets out of school around 3, so I better squeeze in a nap now or I will be a bear later. 'Night for now.


Dave said...

HI abbagirl... Just dropping in to say "hi". I know what you mean about the soil. I bought a "ton" of it for my garden last year... only filled up 2/3rds of it. Take care

captain corky said...

I love third shift. Just about my only complaint is that the Deli closes at 9:00 PM at the local grocery store, and as a result I have to do my food shopping during normal hours.