Wednesday, April 04, 2007


The business trip was pretty much a waste of time. I did have ten total hours of driving to really think about stuff. Stuff is the word for it. I thought about a lot of STUFF!

One of the things I thought about is how history tends to repeat itself. I also thought about how some things in life are a sure thing, like sunrise and sunset, death, and life. I thought about how something so simple like the sunrise and sunset are truly miracles. To imagine how something so simple is actually one of the most powerful things out there. I thought about life and death and the universe we live in. I believe in a higher power. We couldn't be here if there wasn't. To think about how small we really are is almost overwhelming. Little people in a huge universe. Why? How?

I obviously had too much time to think. I enjoyed the drive though. I stuck in my favorite tunes and didn't have a care in the world. Looking out my car windows at how green the pastures were and how the sunlight would hit the sparkling ponds in those pastures. Wheat fields for miles and miles, as far as the eye could see. I love the hills and the remote houses built on the hills out in the middle of nowhere. I love passing sleepy little towns, wondering about the people who live there and what kind of lives they have. I loved the drive.

Now I am back to reality, and I almost hate it. I miss the quiet time and the thoughts of what could be. Reality says get back to work, you have a house payment, car payment, and bills to pay. You have to develop those around you to become better workers, as this is part of your job. Why me? I ask that question quite often. I am tired. I need rest. Not sleep. Rest.


Andfre said...

Andfre is OND-FRAY. My real name is Andre, as in Andre the Giant (but I hate hearing that, I've heard that my entire life).
I hope it was all good things you were saying to this friend ;)

Whoops, I didn’t read your latest post before randomly dropping this reply comment on your blog... hopefully it was appropriate!

Also, two of your favourite movies listed on your profile are mine as well... any guesses?

Andfre said...

Deep my friend, very deep.
I love driving myself, and mostly for that cleansing thought process that occurs while you drive, like you are talking about. I think it's sort of like sleeping, when the brain organizes itself.

Leann said...

I love to drive, thus all of the road trips I take. Some days I'll be driving home from work and just want to keep driving, never stopping until I find a place that looks peaceful and enjoyable.

Looks like you may have a new fan :-)

kanadians in korea said...

i LOVE this post. i love reading about your thoughts... and i also love long drives (solitude) for the very fact that it makes me realize HOW insignificant i am, and how REAL God's presence is. i'm praying for you! em.

Terri said...

maybe its time for a vacation and for you since you've been traveling so much maybe its just a week at home with nothing to do (yeah right!). I also had a lot of time to think, but only for about 45 minutes in the dr. office this week and I sat around looking at the posters of the human body and to me there is no doubt whatsoever about a higher power when you see the miracle of the human body and how it is made and operates. Miracle just seems to be too small a word. I hope you have a nice Easter weekend and get to slow down a little!

Terri said...

haha, just reread my post. I only had 45 minutes to think this week! te he, that was funny.

captain corky said...

Rest is a good thing and very important. You should as your boss for some time off. Is that possible?

DEBTective said...

Thanks for being generous, dollface. This crazy world needs more giving people. Just wanted to say that if you deep-six your car payment and all your other bills, life would get a lot easier for you. You could relax a little, see? Hope you get to rest soon, baby.

austere said...

Well abbagirl, this reflective and noticing nature is a different abbagirl. It was resting to read your post, know that?
Yes, life does come full circle, equations balanced and numbers tallied- may take a while getting this done, that's all.

Cheryl said...

HI Abba,

Sorry I haven't been around for a few days. I loved this post. Your observations were very astute, and you really took time to 'smell the roses'. I spend most of my time, even on very long trips, listening to books and hardly take the time to just 'think'.

Reality sets in. I hope you get your rest. It's a good thing you like your job, your house, and the people in your life.

Hope this day is a good one for you.