Saturday, April 14, 2007

Something Extra Special

I have returned from my shopping spree. I bought more for the kids then myself, but I did come home with more than I shopped for. Let me explain.

The stores in the mall were having some sales today. I bought some cute shoes for work. Pumps with the pointy toes. Never thought I would like them until I saw them and tried those bad boys on! My friend J.A. would be so proud of me. She is definitely addicted to shoes. Anyway, I also bought two clips for my long, brown hair. I went to Bath and Body Works and purchased some more hand soap for my bathrooms and kitchen. The scents include Wild Honeysuckle, Tropical Passion fruit, and Country Apple. Love all of those scents. I also went to Borders and picked up the book Best of friends by Cathy Kelly, only because it caught my eye. Looks interesting. It's a fictional novel. I love those kinds of books. So, I get home and look in the mail box. Here is what I mean about getting more than I shopped for.

In the mail box was a brown parcel with plenty of clear packing tape around it. It is from
Emily in South Korea. She has sent me one of her favorite bibles. It's a small New Testament bible. I don't know exactly how I found Emily, but I am so glad I did. She is such a breath of fresh air. She is such a unique and artistic person who is filled with such love. She teaches little Korean kids English. I think that is awesome.

Right now some of my blogging friends have mentioned at one time or another how they question God or they don't feel comfortable around people who talk about religion. I would have to say that I am right there with them.
Pipe Tobacco has expressed his anger after losing his beloved mother. Andrew has expressed discomfort in his AA meetings because of the religious aspect. I have also expressed many questions about religion, and I have fears about religion that I need to overcome. Emily has helped me in more ways than I could explain on paper or type on this blog. Something in me stirred when I opened this package to see the contents. Something in me was different as far as my emotions. I can't explain it to you. I don't know if I can. I won't be changing this blog to talk about religion. I am thinking of starting a second blog to start another journey of my life. I am still thinking about it though.

Well, enough for now. I have to do some dishes since the kid is outside *wink, wink*.


Not-faint-hearted said...

Hey, if you start another blog, let me know where it is.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a good shopping day. A fine way to spend one of your days off. And, you went to some of my favorite places. Did you think of me in Borders?

I'll be interested to hear if you do start another journey.

kanadians in korea said...

hi beautiful billie!!! what an encouraging post... thank you. i'm so glad you got the package, and i praise God i found you in this small universe! it's so neat... and please do start another 'journey' blog... it will be a great place to share questions/thoughts/concerns, and hopefully i can somehow help you along with God's grace. i believe everything happens for a reason, and i know i met you for a reason. btw, don't be scared by the 'boring' parts of the bible... just skip those and read the interesting stories :) the ones about jesus... they're the best. love em.

austere said...

WEll, for a change I did a spot of shopping too, bought some lovely silk mail holders with intricate embroidery and handmade jasmine soap- to gift.

Please keep me updated on the other blog too.

Terri said...

that was a wonderful gift; I've only gifted bibles to my husband and my kids before but they meant the most. I'd be more than happy to read and comment on a new blog as well because I love reading yours.