Friday, February 09, 2007

Mamma Mia

Well, I am happily back home. Had a great time in Seattle. I went to Mamma Mia this evening. I took Josh. It was a wonderful show. I plan on going again tomorrow evening.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


Not-faint-hearted said...

I'm so glad this trip turned out better than the last...but no good stories come of smooth sailing I guess, huh? ;)

I'm planning a few days in Seattle this summer. Any tips?

Andrew said...


Sorry for the internet version of shouting. I just wanted to get my point across.

How is my favorite blogger besides Annabel doing? I hope you are enjoying some much needed time off and rest. I will always care about you deeply. Enjoy your day.

Your blogging bud,

Jonathon Andrew

Cheryl said...

Welcome back. Your trip must have been a success. Did you get to see much of Seattle? Could you see Mt. Ranier?

kanadians in korea said...

sweet! mama mia! i wish i could see that. may you be blessed today :) em.

austere said...


Cheryl said...

I've been cleaning out my basement 'cause I knew I couldn't even think about moving with that in the shape it was. It was something I could do. If nothing else, that area of my life will be cleaned up.