Saturday, February 24, 2007

Auntie Em Weather

Oh, you gotta just love Kansas weather. Not really, cuz' it sucks. Today was mildly warm with mild winds. Tonight they are calling for a trace of snow and a low of 31 degrees. Only in Kansas can you have tornadoes and snow in the same day.

I want to tell you something funny about my business trip to Seattle a couple of weeks back. I was talking to a girl in one of the stores and she informed me that she was driving from Colorado to St. Louis, Missouri. She stated that she was driving straight through because of all the tornadoes. She didn't want to be caught in one.

Okay. That made it sound like we have really bad tornadoes. Bad tornadoes are as frequent as tremors in California. Not often, not a lot of damage. Now, we do get more than most. But, it was enlightening to hear what people thought on the other side of the USA. Too funny.

The wind outside is blowing so hard. It feels like the house is going to blow right off the foundation. No, it's not a tornado. The sound of wind comes and goes.

Anyone been feeling lethargic lately? I have. I know it's because I can't wait for spring to get here. It can't come soon enough.

Well, I better get off. I need my beauty rest. Wait, twenty four hours of sleep wouldn't even fix that. lol...


Not-faint-hearted said...

lethargic...heh. Thought that was my middle name.

The weatherservice might have gotten it right this time around here. I think I've got about 6-7 inches out there now and probably more overnight. Wonder if I"ll really make it to work tomorrow.

How's the rest of it?

PipeTobacco said...


I am glad you are back.


austere said...

Reminded me of the Wizard of oz. Why? dunno

Cheryl said...

I happen to be quite the scardy cat when it comes to tornadoes. One time visiting my sister in GA I made everyone get up in the middle of the night and go into the basement. I was sure a tornado was brewing. I've done that here too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, when I was in Florida I debated with some people at a BBQ, whether it was better to deal with potential hurricanse or potential earthquakes. The vote was split by geographical location. Eathquakers in earthquake country, Hurricainers in Hurricaine country.

You can keep your tornados' Dorothy, I'm still standing behind my earthquakes, oh and volcanic eruptions too. Also the floods, how come our floods never get press coverage? This winter it's landslides from all the rain and flooding. Still, I know where to not park my car.