Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back At It

Well, it was a productive weekend at home. I was off today. I was able to get five loads of laundry done. Yes, that sounds like an excessive amount for three people, but it really isn't. I am very picky about how I wash clothes. I also halfway cleaned the kitchen.

It's back to work tomorrow. I won't have to travel out of town for awhile. Thank goodness. It is so tiring. Hey Beck - Bellevue is only about half an hour away from the airport with traffic. You have to go there. Get with Proxima from The Echo Tree. She is from there and could probably direct you to the best sights.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It is suppose to get rainy with a chance of snow again early this week for my area. Lovely.


kanadians in korea said...

hey! i love the photos you posted of your trip, and that you introduced us to the 'fish men'. they sound like cool dudes! anyway, God bless! have a great week. em.

Meloncutter said...

Hay Y'all.

The last few days have been nuts at work so I haven't done much blog surfing. Glad to hear your trip to the great northwest was a good one. Y'all need to get a trip to the southeast one of these days.

Later Y'all

Dave said...

Do you ever relax when you have a day off? I think you spend more time working in one form or another... You make me tired! :-)

Take care abbagirl!

Cheryl said...

Our work is never done, Huh? I just want to watch TV on my laptop. I feel like I've been running around in circles all day. We're expecting bad weather tonight and I hope we get it! I want to stay home tomorrow.

Ryan Freakin Deal said...

Hi. i feel ya on the laundry thing. Im generally a really clean person, but sometimes things get out of hand and i spend a day doing nothing but cleaning and laundry. My friends think im crazy because they say my room is the cleanest theyve ever seen anyways but Meh! i guess im a clean guy.

BTW thanks for checking out my Blog! It's pretty neat to have someone actually read my stuff.

captain corky said...

5 loads of laundry is day well spent! Especially when a person travels as much as you do. Too bad we all can't take the week off. I need a break already and it's only Monday night.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

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Rich | Championable said...

Welcome back.

So? How ARE you going to improve your handling of the perishables in your store?

(Just wanted you to know I'm paying attention.)

austere said...

I totally envy your cleanliness passion. Admire/env, and all of that.
I defer dusitng as long a I can.