Sunday, February 25, 2007

50 Things About Me

Well, since everyone else is doing it. The peer pressure was too great.

1. I am a mother of a twelve year old boy.
2. I am not married, but in a relationship.
3. I am the oldest of three children. I have a sister and brother.
4. Yellow is my favorite color.
5. Daffodils are my favorite flower.
6. I am half Korean.
7. I work for a major grocery chain.
8. I am scared of clowns.
9. I have a dirt collection, ranging from sand to earth from Germany.
10. My biggest fear is dying.
11. I was once in love with my best friend, and he never knew.
12. I love to cook.
13. I live in Kansas.
14. I want to live in Ohio.
15. My parents are my biggest fans.
16. I love seafood.
17. I used to have an eating disorder.
18. I was made fun of pretty bad growing up in a small town being half Asian.
19. I secretly dislike and remember most of those people who made fun of me.
20. I have never been married.
21. I don't think I ever want to get married.
22. I have never been baptised.
23. Some churches scare me, give me goosebumps.
24. I always wear socks, even in summer, everywhere.
25. I have highlights in my brown hair.
26. I used to have hair so long I could sit on it, but donated 13 inches to Locks of Love.
27. I love Korean food, it's my favorite.
28. Foreign accents are HOT.
29. I want to grow a garden this year.
30. I mildly dislike one of my bosses, but would never let on that I do.
31. My favorite season is autumn. Second is spring.
32. My favorite holiday is Christmas, followed closely by Halloween.
33. I want to visit Europe in the next five years.
34. I wouldn't mind adopting a child.
35. I love to hear myself talk and will sometimes interrupt others to do so.
36. I am 5'11" and I weigh more than I should.
37. I love zombie movies.
38. Abba is one of my favorite music groups.
39. I work out at the YMCA two to three times a week.
40. I love coffee.
41. I love trying new restaurants, trendy little cafes, anything new.
42. I can appreciate a great sense of humor.
43. I know when to crack a good joke.
44. Sometimes my big mouth has caused awkward silence in a room full of people.
45. I am ambitious about my career, the sky is the limit. C.A.V.U.
46. Global warming scares the shit out of me.
47. I haven't really done anything positive to fight global warming yet.
48. I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy.
49. I love long road trips.
50. I know I make my parents proud.

Okay, that should last you awhile. I am sure there will be questions to some of these. Ask away, I have answers.


Terri said...

Questions related to this post (you said you'd be ready :o):
1. is the picture in your blog you? You don't look half Korean, that's why I ask.
2. we had a Korean exchange student and we took him to a restaurant that has since closed; he introduced hubby to baggogi (SP) do you have a recipe? I think its some kind of beef dish. My hubby LOVED it and can't stop talking about it.
3. Why, pray tell, would you want ot live in Ohio? hehe I'm in MI and there's no love lost. :o)

That's all! I'll leave some room for others.

abbagirl74 said...

Terri - The picture in the blog is NOT me. That is a picture of Agnetha F. from the group ABBA, my favorite singing group. Last year I had a picture of John Mayer there. I do not have a recipe for bulgogi. You can find one if you go to Food Network. They have an Amercian version of one there. My mom does not share her recipe, but I hope to learn it this year. I want to live in Ohio because that's where my family is from - GO BUCKEYES!

captain corky said...

I love Korean food too! It's my favorite food in the world. Galbi, Kum Tong. Yugaee (raw beef, pear and egg. I'm sure I'm misspelling stuff, sorry about that.

austere said...

hmm. no questions for now, that is.

Karin's Korner said...

Hmmmmm. I don't have any questions either. I DO want to commend you for donating your hair to Locks of Love, that is wonderful.

montidogeo said...

Great post: Thanks for sharing this. A few questions, please don't feel offended.
1: abbagirl74 (why 74)?
2: Which half are you Korean ? Top, bottom, north, south, mum , dad ? I'm half stupid, top half I think, though my wife would say bottom.
3: To help global warming cut down on the road trips.

PS: we are all going to die. So don't let it bug you.

montidogeo said...
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abbagirl74 said...

Montidogeo - My mom is Korean. (74) is the year my best guy friend was born (he's the one who introduced me to ABBA). I have to go on the road trips for work mostly. And though I know that everyone is going to die, that is what bothers me. We have to. I am a control freak as well. I don't want to do anything unless I want to do it. And basically, I don't want to die.

kanadians in korea said...

this is a great post, billie. i love yellow too, and daffodils. i really hope i can meet you some day. peace, emily. (ps. i'd love to see a pic of you sometime!)

Cheryl said...

Great list. It's given me a better 'picture' of you. I could comment on almost every 'thing'. I like the dirt collection. Do you display it? You're tall! #35 cracks me up. Etc...I'll have to come back here to see more questions and answers.

Andfre said...

Great list!

I don’t have too many questions, but will try a couple.

1) Do you or your son have contact with his father; if so how's that, if not why not? (pretty personal question aint it? As a divorced father myself that's what strikes me as interesting)

2) why are you scared of clowns? I know it sounds cool and I have a friend who is scared of clowns, or at least he says he is. Wait, that "friend" might be Kramer from Seinfeld now that I think about it...nevermind!!

3) what does C.A.V.U. mean? If I was afraid of being thought of as stupid I'd google it myself, but I'd like you to tell me!

That's it for my questions.

I like Korean food too, although I've only had it 3 or 4 times ever. I dated a Japanese girl for 3 years until recently and she was into Korean food for some reason, maybe partly because she dated a Korean guy once or maybe merely because it's Asian food and she would crave Asian food regardless of what part of Asia it hailed from - still, we only went a few times but I enjoyed. Mostly we'd go have Vietnamese instead.

I love zombie movies also, although I've seen way more scary movies tht are not specifically zombie-ish. The Resident Evil movies are two of my favourite because they mix zombies, science fiction, and babes kicking ass. They are not as scary at all but I think they are cool.

It's excellent you know your parents are proud of you. Sometimes it can be hard to tell, but I think it's easier for us to know this once we've been out of their hair for 10 years or so. I think my parents are proud of me, not that I've done much of anything, but I am a proud papa :)

Terri said...

oh no, no, no - GO WOLVERINES! :o) Thanks for the insight on Bulgogi and answering my pics, you sure opened yourself up there.

One more question - ever seen the Mamma Mia show? It sounds wonderful (I'm a closet Abba fan).

Terri said...

pics???? I'm mean q's!!!

I'm still asleep this morning.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see several reason listed why we should be friends. I loooove Kim Chee! My husband can't get over the smell. I even have a kim chee eating buddy. I have to eat it when he's not around. He calls me a a "Stinky Kim chee eater" affectionately, like I call the cat a "dirty bag licker", not sure why that cat likes plastic so much, Anyhoo, have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Fear of clowns is called "Coulrophobia" is quite common. I would speculate that the fear stems from the deceptiion. Someone parading around as a harmless, "masked" character with a permenent, fixed smile. Instincts tell us something is wrong about that and if you've heard of John W. Gacy, then doubly so! (He killed 33 boys and posed as a clown in the 1970's)

Andfre said...

Yeah - I did hear of Gacy.
So the question is then, why are there clowns in this world? Who likes them? I dont see clowns raking in a lot of cash, so why do they do it? Okay the more I think about it the more creeped out I get. The only good clowns I've seen are rodeo clowns - at least they serve a purpose.

Christina said...

Thanks for the list... and the inspiration. I'll have to get started on one of my own!!

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