Monday, February 05, 2007

Gotta Love "The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile"

Okay people. If you have not visited Michael at The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile, please take a moment now to visit him. I read his blog every single day. Why? Because it sometimes brings me to tears. Tears from laughing so hard. It's like I am in an episode of "The Office" sometimes. The guy cracks me up. Did I mention that he is a doll for putting me on his list of blogs he LOVES? Had to go there because I gave him a hard time about it. I feel better now, Michael. Thanks doll.

So, I leave tomorrow. Ugh. The plane ride alone is enough to make me want to peel my own skin. I hate planes. The whole ordeal makes me sick to my stomach. I don't think I will ever get used to it.

My kid's birthday was great. He was sadly disappointed at his dad's side of the family. They had to watch the Superbowl before celebrating my kid's birthday. He was pretty sore about it. I felt really bad for him. He came out to the car with his ice cream cake wrapped up on a plate. He told me his dad wouldn't let him eat any because it was too late in the evening. It was his BIRTHDAY!! It was obvious that the game was more important than celebrating my son's birthday. This is another reason why I left him "to the left". My kid and I got home around ten. I let him devour that cake. Plbbbbb to you dad! We had the cake and ate it too!


kanadians in korea said...

you're a good mother. i'm impressed (not with his father though). trent and i used to work with a lot of troubled teens -- i wish they'd had mothers like you. then they wouldn't be troubled. God bless, em.

Meloncutter said...

Good for you. Ice Cream cakes and birtdays are a sure match. Spoil them while they are young enough to appreciate it.

Have a good trip.

Later Y'all

captain corky said...

I agree with you, Michael is a real funny guy. I'm glad you stopped by the log! I enjoyed reading some of your posts and I'll definitely be back.

Not-faint-hearted said...

Good for you! He knows he has priority with you, even if not with his dad.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, I hope his dad will wake up some day and realize what a dumb-bell he is!

My parents divorced when I was 2mos old, so it's the way life has always been for me. I used to love it on the rare occasions when my mom would make breakfast for dinner. It always felt like we were getting away with something.
Hee, hee