Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Too Many Places To Go

Today was one of those days where I had too many things to choose from.  I didn't sleep in like I had hoped to on my first day off from the new store.  It was rise and shine around 7:30, which is early on my day off.  I hopped in the shower and then headed to the store to update a spreadsheet for a contest I am doing with our cashiers.

I had an oil change and tire rotation scheduled at 10:15 and they were done in less than an hour.  I need to remember to schedule it on a Wednesday again in the future as Monday and Friday seem to take so much longer!

After my oil change, I talked to one of the manager trainees I am mentoring on the phone.  He seems to be doing very well and likes his training.  He is going to do a fantastic job when it's all done.

I arrived home around 11, had a hot dog for lunch, then decided to lounge around for a bit.  I mulled over visiting the twins today, or taking a nap, or doing laundry, or doing some shopping.  I decided on a short nap and then met up with my friend Kris.  He and his daughter needed to go to the mall to get her a dress for a birthday party coming up.  Kris isn't great at shopping, so obviously I said I would help.  Upon arriving at the mall, I stopped in the middle of Penny's and announce loudly, "Welcome to our Mothership!"  hehehehe.... it was so funny!

We found a super cute dress at Rue 21 and I bought Kelsie her shoes for a belated birthday gift.  Two pairs of sandals for $21 was not bad.

After shopping, we decided to hit PF Chang since I had a gift card.  Neither of them had ever been so I was more than happy to take them.  It was a lot of fun and we ordered lots of food to share.  We were overly stuffed and they had plenty to take home.

We said our goodbyes after dinner and then I headed home where I found some of my online shopping packages waiting for me.  Yay!  It's a partial order: (2) short sleeve cardigans, a corral print shirt and a dress that doesn't quite fit exactly the way I want, but once I lose a few more pounds, it should be perfect.

Speaking of weight loss, I have been doing pretty well this week since I am able to go home for lunch every day.  I am heading to the YMCA after work tomorrow to walk a few miles.  It's an 8-7 shift tomorrow and I have lots to get done!

Hope you all had a great day!



Happyone said...

One thing good about having so many choices of what to do - you won't be bored. : )

Ken Bordie said...

I can relate to the father/daughter shopping.
I'm clueless. Last trip I was accused of wanting Hadar to "look like grandmum"
kids clothes today are so "grow-up" I don't know what I am going to do
once she's a teenager. How does one remain modest and still fashionable?
Yeah sounds like I'm screwed.
I'm on the third shift for the next 2 months, not getting much of anything done.

Blogoratti said...

Hello, interesting thoughts. Best wishes!