Friday, July 17, 2015


For some reason, all I want to do is sleep.  I am not sure it's because I am here during the day by myself, or what the deal is.  I slept in until 9 am this morning.  I stayed busy throughout the day, but fell asleep around 7 am.  I was just so tired.  Maybe it's because Stephen works 2nd shift and I am trying to stay up when he does.  I am not used to going to bed at 3 am!

Right now I am boiling a dozen eggs.  I am making tuna salad and will use some of the eggs for that.  I may even make some deviled eggs and leave some hard for salads this weekend.  I am glad Stephen is off this weekend so we can spend more time together.

Well, I am going to get busy.  Looks like it will be another late night!


1 comment:

Read the directions said...

What is this thing called "sleep" you speak of?
Night shift is killing me! My darling daughter told me
"Abba, you look like death" ha, and she's supposed to love me.
So, I had to open the dreaded "Google" account to comment.
I smell a conspiracy. Sounds like everything is good in your
corner of the world Billy, nice to read.