Sunday, July 12, 2015

One Week Complete

I have been at my new store for one complete full week and am loving it!  Who knew grocery business could be so fun...  hehehehe.

Today I worked on the United Way Campaign, helped produce fill strawberries, blueberries and cherries, prepped and packaged pies for bakery, filled items in the dairy and made a few spreadsheets.  Now that I come home for lunch every day, time flies by.

Yesterday, one of my old bosses came in with his family. I got to meet his adorable granddaughter.  Of course I had a gift bag waiting for her when she arrived.  She loves all things Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  Her gift bag was pink with white polka dots, had 2 white balloons and 2 pink balloons on it.  Inside was a Mickey Mouse beanie doll, a Minnie Mouse bingo game and a bubble wand.  She liked everything!

Tomorrow I am going to visit the twins! They are one week old.  They are so beautiful.  K has been sending me a pic every single day.  I am going to save them so I can do a video clip when they turn a year old.

Well,  I am off to read some blogs while I eat my peanut butter chocolate popcorn. Yes, it is divine!


1 comment:

Happyone said...

So nice of you to give such a thoughtful gift. : )
Don't know about peanut butter and chocolate popcorn!! : )
It is nice that you like your job - so many people don't.
What grocery store do you work for, or don't you want to say?