Thursday, July 16, 2015

Grocery Store Snob

I hate to say it, but I have a problem.  I'm a grocery store snob.  When you work for the same grocer for almost 20 years and have grown accustomed to outrageously high standards, you expect the same everywhere you go.  Today was not that way.

I stopped into Sprouts in OKC to grab our usual vegetables.  The quality was subpar.  Sprouts was out of organic romaine hearts and the vegetables looked bad.  Brussels sprouts were brown and some were moldy.  Many of the grape tomato containers had a few moldy fruit in them.  And, they didn't have any fresh salmon.

So, after purchasing 4 organic bananas and my 21 grain bread, I headed over to Crest.  The quality was much better and I although their organic section isn't great, I still got great quality.  They didn't have any of my salmon either and the guy behind the counter was trying to tell me that farm raised salmon is better for you and tastes better than wild caught salmon.  Sigh....  Yep.  I kept my mouth shut.  I wish grocers would educate their employees on the facts about the products they serve.

I also purchased my $4.75 dozen of cage free organic eggs.... Whoa!  I told Stephen we need to start investing in chickens.  Oh well, the eggs last us a long time, so I wasn't worried.  It's still cheaper than getting them fried up in a restaurant.

Shopping can be difficult for me, especially when I am away from my usual group of stores.  I will take pictures of my store one day so you can see where I work and how fantastic the store selection is.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Stay cool!  It's hot out there!


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Happyone said...

The lady we drive to church gives us all the eggs we want. She has 32 hens. I've thought about getting some chickens but haven't done anything about it.