Friday, July 17, 2015

Lazy Day

It's going to be another scorcher here in OKC.  Looks like a lazy vacation day for this girl!  I am going to head into the city and take a Starbucks over to Stephen's mom.  She works in a location with no air conditioning.  She will like an iced tea or something.

I made some scrambled eggs this morning with diced onions, peppers and pesto.  Yumm!  The eggs were an ugly green/brown color, but who cares!  They tasted amazing!

I'm going to clean the kitchen today, then do a small load of laundry.  I might even clean out the shower today if I feel like it.

Stephen just got in from mowing this morning.  He works 2nd shift, so mowing in the morning is so much better than trying to do it in the afternoon or evening.

Better get going.  Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!


1 comment:

Annabel said...

Nothing wrong with lazy days. I'm having several of them this summer. Matt prefers to mow the lawn in the mornings as well.