Sunday, May 03, 2015

Queen of Hearts

It was a beautiful day here in Oklahoma.  We ended up going to the Edmond Arts Festival.  I really liked it!  The festival had more of a home town feel than the OKC festival.  The third booth I went to was amazing.  The artist, Vladimir Ovtcharov, is originally from Bulgaria, but now resides in New Mexico.  I was drawn to the Alice in Wonderland theme of his booth, pieces he and his wife have done.  He also had several twisted whimsical pieces that I loved.  I saw a particular piece called the Queen of Hearts.  The eyes of this original piece were amazing.  After stopping and looking around, we continued on our way.

The festival had a lot of jewelry, which I am not a fan of.  I think of art a different way and don't consider jewelry as art.  I know, it's wrong of me.  But it's my opinion.  I like to look at obscure sculptures and paintings.

After going thru the festival, it was apparent I couldn't stop thinking about the first booth I loved.  So... we went back.  I looked closely at every painting, skimmed thru the prints.  As I stood there looking, the artist came over and asked if I was having trouble making a decision.  I told him I had never purchased a high dollar piece before.  I kept looking at the Queen of Hearts piece and he could tell I really liked it.  He said if I wanted it, he would also give me his book and would sign the book.  After much debating inside my head, I finally decided to purchase it.  The artist could probably tell my excitement because he asked if this was my first purchase of an "original" painting.  I said it was.  I told him I couldn't stop thinking about the painting throughout my entire walk thru the festival.

He grabbed his book and signed the inside page.  I also purchased a print of another painting I really liked.  The book is called On The Way To Imaginarium.

Here is the painting...

Crazy, isn't it?  The eyes have it.

Today is going to be a day of relaxation.  We may do some yard work, but I don't plan on getting out of the house except to do some grocery shopping.  We grilled salmon last night with a bunch of organic veggies, with plenty of salmon for leftovers.  All that is needed are veggies for tonight's meal.

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!



Deb said...

A relaxing Sunday - always a good thing! Sounds like you had a good time at the Arts Festival. I lived in Oklahoma as a child (in Ponca City) so the places you talk about sound really familiar. Enjoy the week ahead.

Happyone said...

That painting is kind of scary looking!

It's always fun walking around an Arts Festival.