Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hello From the Parking Lot

I'm working 8-7 today and I'm sitting in the parking lot with a few minutes to spare. I always forget about my mobile blogging app! I could be posting every day with this sucker!

Anyway, it's raining this morning. I love a nice steady rain shower. We need it pretty bad. Kansas and Oklahoma have been in a big drought for some time now.

I've decided to ween myself back off of Starbuck's every morning. Lol... We will see how long that lasts. I know I can expect a headache the first two days. I've done this before.

Another thing... I've gained 20 pounds since meeting Stephen two years ago. Hold the bus!!! That's crazy. I guess it happens when you get comfortable with someone, but now I am uncomfortable with myself.

Wow, I am loving this app! Well, I better head inside. I'm sure we will get super busy when the rain stops.

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


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