Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Presents and A Wedding Dress

Today was more of a day off.  I only went in for about 3 hours.  I had to go over schedules with the dept managers, walk the back room with my grocery team, and help the front end while the leads were in a short meeting.  After all of that, I met a friend and grabbed some lunch at Red Lobster.  I had the coconut shrimp.  Yumm!

After lunch, we hit the mall to do some shopping. I had to stop by Dillards to get a nice leather rolling tote for our customer service manager, who also is a good friend of mine.  He was accepted into a management training program, so I know he will need one.  I love buying presents for people!  Probably why Christmas is my favorite time of year.

Next up was the hair salon so I could pick up my Biolage shampoo and conditioner.  They were having a sale... (2) one liter bottles for $35.  I also stopped by Lane Bryant and found a dress to wear at my brother's wedding.  It's a summer dress, but I got a cute cropped black short sleeve open sweater to go over it.  It's perfect for women with big boobs.  Lol....

*Photo is courtesy of Lane Bryant

I don't know what kind of shoes I will be wearing yet, but I thought the dress was cute and it looks good on.  Not sure what Stephen will be wearing, but black and white goes with anything.

Now I am home and will probably do a bit of laundry.  I don't want to take a nap but I might if it feels right.

Hope you are all having a fabulous Hump Day!



Anonymous said...

Nice dress! I'm a guy but my wife loved what she
called "ballet flats"? or a white sandal? Your day sounds a
lot like mine, except for the dress shopping.
I'm actually learning to like doing laundry, except
the folding part. If I put it out on the dinning table
then I'm forced to fold it, so we can eat!
Enjoying your blog, and learning about your life
thanks for allowing me to read. I seem to be persona non
grata on some other blogs. :-)

Happyone said...

I like the dress and I'm sure you look lovely in it. : )
I think white sandals would be nice with it too.

austere said...

Nice dress.