Thursday, May 28, 2015


Today was crazy.  We had 5 people call in sick or didn't show up.  Another person quit because of "personal reasons" and a few showed up late or had to leave early.

It was also a bittersweet day.  We had to say goodbye to one of our co-workers as he has been accepted into the management development program for our company (learning to do what I currently do).  He will do a wonderful job.

He gave me a card today with a very nice letter.  I will share the letter with all of you tomorrow.  I forgot it in my desk drawer at work.  It made me cry!

Anyway, I am glad to be home.  Today was tiring and tomorrow will be a long day.  I am working a split shift so I can watch my niece run in the prelims for her 4x100.  They should do very well.

Have a great evening!


Ken - thank you so much for stopping by.  Please feel free to stop by and comment whenever you like.

Karen - I think I will probably go with a black or white flat.  I hate open toe shoes.  Lol....


austere said...

Congratulations to your colleague!
Very nice about the card and letter-- you must have made such a difference to his work!

Happyone said...

I save thank you notes and cards like that in a basket and every so often read them again. It's sure to put you in a happy mood. : )
Hope all goes well tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure Billy. I'm enjoying your blog already.

I hope you had a great day!